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Point Deductions

1. Driver Window must roll down

2. Windshield must be free of Large Cracks 

3. Rearview Mirros must be in working order

4. Turn Signals must be in working order

5. Brake Lights must be in working order

6. Tires can't be bald or flat

7. Horn must honk

8. Emergency Brake Demonstration

9. Arm Signal Demonstration

10. Windshield Wipers Switch

11. Defroster Switch Front and Rear

12. Emergency Flasher Switch

13. Headlight Switch

14. Passenger Door Must Open 

15. Glove box must close

16. Seat bels must be worn

Drive Test PreP



​​​Be Prepared for Behind the Wheel Drive Test. Be Sure to go through the Vehicle Check List a least a day before your test.  DMV will not allow you take the test if the car you are using is not up to par.

1. Park in the Front Parking lot of DMV 20 minutes prior to the test

2. Walk in and sit down, some one will call your name.  You do not need to grab a Number.

3. Bring your Permit, Gold Certificate, Insurance, and Registration into the DMV and hand it to the DMV employee. You do not have to pay for the first three test attempts. You already paid when you got your permit.

4. Whoever goes with you to the DMV must have an ID saying they are no longer a provisional driver. They might check 

5. While you go over paperwork, your parent will be sent out front to take the car around back, where you will start.  

6. Once the paperwork is finished, you will be sent out the back door.  You will have a couple minuets to set your Seat and Mirrors.  Remember to set the Parking Brake as well if your parent forgot. 

7. The Examiner will walk up to your window, You should have the window down already so he/she does not have to knock. they will have you turn the key to the power position, but do not start the car. The examiner will then go over the Pre-Drive Checklist and inspect the car. He will then hop in and hopefully put his seat belt on.  If not remind him. 

8. He will go over a few things about the test then have you start the car and take off.  Before you take off be sure to check your entire surroundings.  You will be required to scan the DMV parking lot and also Signal to exit the parking lot.  Remember to check your mirror and blindspot. Then exaggerate your scan for Pedestrians prior to going over the sidewalk.  Good Luck 


The Drive test

Drive Test Tips

AUTO Fails


DMV License # E4760