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Permit Rules

-If you are under 17 and a half, then you must complete Drivers Education and receive a Certificate of Completion in the Mail prior to the test. You will also need to bring your Social Security Card, Proof of Residency and OFFICIAL Birth Certificate.  

-Some DMVs will require an appointment for a Written Permit Test, which is now done on a computer. Although, you may request a Written Test. Some DMVs will allow you to walk in and take the test 

-Study for the test, Your best resource for information is the current CA DMV Driver's Handbook. It is on-line or you can pick one up at the DMV. I also have a link to the Handbook at the bottom of the HOME page. Try Youtube.com as well for more helpful videos and testimonials.  I have lots of information on my DRIVE TEST page.

-Review the California Drivers Handbook. Yes, it is dry and boring. However, it covers much of what is on the test.  At the time of your permit test, pick up DMV's  "Driving Test Criteria" booklet, or download it online. It has great information about the road test and what you should be focusing on practicing. Once you have earned your Permit you may begin your Behind-The-Wheel Training with us.  Be sure to schedule an appointment prior to taking your permit test. 

Click on the Link below to start your ONLINE DRIVERS ED COURSE.  Its very easy and can be completed quickly. Also be sure to read the DMV HandBook, a link is located below.  


​If you wish to get your license right at 16 then you must obtain your permit when you turn 15 and 1/2. Start your Online Drivers Ed around your 15th Birthday to ensure completion and delivery of your Certificate of Completion.  You must have your Completion Certificate, which is mailed to you, you can not print it out via email. Make an appointment with DMV for the Day you turn 15 and 1/2  for an office visit to take your DMV PERMIT TEST.  






Getting The Permit

-The most important thing to know is that you are not suppose to use your permit until you have had a first lesson with a DMV authorized driving school. The instructor should sign the second page of your permit in your first lesson and you will then be legal to use your permit for practicing.

-You need to practice with someone who is a California licensed driver 25 or older. You can only practice between the hours of 5am and 11pm. You must always have the original permit with you if you are in the drivers seat. Not having your permit is the same as driving without a drivers license. You can receive a citation. It is not Recommended to drive with others in the car, especially minors.  It is ok to drive with others as long as you parents or guardians have OK'd it.  I would recommend having a signed and dated note giving permission for non siblings to ride with a permitted driver. You could be sued in case of an accident. 

-Some people drive either without a permit or without having their permit signed by an authorized school. This can have very serious repercussions for the student and their family. If the student causes an accident, their insurance company does not have to pay for damages. However, parents can be sued and may end up having to pay a lot of dollars for a long, long time. The student may also have their right to get a drivers license delayed. Click on the Link below to start your ONLINE DRIVERS ED COURSE.  Its very easy and can be completed quickly. Also be sure to read the DMV HandBook, a link is located below.  


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