Behind-THe-Wheel Process

Licensing Process

Once you have obtained your Ca DMV Learner's Permit upon passing the DMV Written Exam.  You may then begin your Behind the Wheel Training. We offer Lessons All over the Lake and Mendocino areas. We have helped Thousands and Thousands of Teen and Adults receive their Driver's License. Most people get nervous for their DMV Drive Test, but we show them all the tools and help instill confidence to make the test easy.  More importantly during our lessons we cover as much as possible and stress the importance of Safe Defensive Driving and how to minimize risks.  

There are 3 lessons, 2 hours each, which can be spread our over the 6 months that DMV requires minors to hold their permits. The Six months starts the day the driver gets their permit not the day of the first lesson.  However, the first lesson will validate the permit making it legal to practice driving with parents or a licensed CA driver 25 years of age or older. We recommend spreading the lessons out every 2 months unless otherwise advised by the instructor. A gold certificate of completion will be given to the student upon the finishing of the sixth hour. Take this to DMV when you take your DMV Drive test.  

Schedule your Drive Test at least 1 month ahead of time and be sure that you have your last lesson with us scheduled prior to the test date.  If you need help scheduling the DMV test then we can help.  Good Luck :)

Our Student's Safety is our 1st priority:  At the beginning of each lesson we familiarize the student with the vehicle's controls, mirrors, and blind spots.  Knowing your vehicle well will lower the risk of an incident.  We do not want our drivers fumbling to locate controls, and we want them to know exactly where to look to locate traffic and view surroundings.  Knowing where to look enables the students to make quicker glances in their mirrors and blind spots and pay more attention to their lane position and traffic ahead of them.

We begin driving once the student is familiar with the car and how to use their mirrors and controls.  We start off slow with the basics of making perfect stops and turns.  As the students gain experience we progress them from parking lots, to quiet neighborhoods, to town and then freeway.  Each student is progressed based on their abilities. We do not waste time in parking lots if the parents have prepared them in advance.

During the Lesson we emphasize defensive driving techniques and keeping a large space cushion around the vehicle. The kids are instructed to look far ahead of them so that they will identify obstructions or dangers sooner and have more time to determine the safest course of action. We want them to know what they are going to do in any dangerous situation and to plan on a course of action ahead of time. Some of our sayings are,,,,

"Always expect the unexpected" ​ 

"Never trust a signal"  ​           

"If you don't know, then don't go"  

"Be so far back so that you would never have to slam your brakes if the car in front of you had to slam theirs"  

"If they are not looking at you, then they don't see you"           

"Better safe than sorry"  

"Never Speed, and remember you are speeding if you are driving unsafe for the current conditions"  

"The Maximum Speed Limit does not mean you must go the speed posted"  

"Head on a Swivel" 

"Inch forward Slowly"

"Arrows are Awesome, Circles are Silly". (PROTECTED vs UNPROTECTED)

"Signal Early, But not too Early"

We tell the kids to be aware of their surroundings at all times and put them selves in the safest position possible, and sometimes that requires them to drive slower than the speed limit.  We don't want the students to think its ok to speed, so we remind them of the consequences of driving unsafely.  We stress that driving slow and safe helps keep your car in good condition and avoid traffic violations. However, we do go over emergency situations to prepare them for that awkward moment when your car breaks down or you get pulled over by a law enforcement officer.  

One of our main goals is to help the students understand how to pass the DMV Drive Test.  We go over all of the point deductions and automatic fails.  We also show the kids how to impress the Examiners.  We know what they are looking for and help the students create the right habits so they can pass their test the first try.  We do not know and are not allowed to show the DMV examiners Routes. We instead prepare them to be able to pass the test no matter where they are asked to drive. We also Practice Mountain and Freeway Driving, as well as Parking and Refueling. We even explain how to change a tire. We honor all parents wishes. If there is anything you would like us to teach your son or daughter, we will obey your wishes. If you say no freeway, we say no freeway.  If you say no other students in the car, then we say no other students in the car.  However we will not tell them to go faster than what is safe, and never over the speed limit.  Believe it or not some parents will request that. Our Instructors are vey Patient and Encouraging with their comments. We never yell, get angry or frustrated.  We treat all of our Students with Respect.  Thank you for Choosing us. 

We Offer Newer Model  Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger.  Both Vehicles are 6 cyl. and are equipped with a DMV approved Passenger Side Braking System. Our Cars are inspected semi-annually and maintained regularly to ensure that we offer a safe and clean learning environment. We also equip our cars with front and rear facing cameras for safety and convenience.  Ask about using our Cars for your DMV Driver's License Test.  Not only are our Cars Sweet, but we also have the Best Price as well.  

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